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ServiceSpies is a division of WiseWala, Inc. a favorite company for web design for years. With ServiceSpies and WiseWala together, you will get a great website, designed specifically for gaining local customers, and the ability to reach out through different channels to expand your reach in local search engines, social media and directories.

ServiceSpies and WiseWalaServices

  • Web Design and Development

  • Local SEO, Google Optimization

  • Social Media Management

  • Video

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Marketing

What are local search keywords?

A local search keyword is a search term that is specific to an area or locality. It can be used to find businesses, restaurants, or other services in a specific geographical region.

Local keywords are different from global keywords. They are more specific and are usually used in searches for local information.

What are the benefits of using local search keywords?

Local keywords are usually the most searched keywords on Google, which means that they are high-quality and relevant. They also have a higher conversion rate than other keywords.

Local keywords are a great way to get more traffic from your local area as well as get more conversions. They can be used for any type of business, including retail stores, restaurants, and service providers.

What are the benefits of Google My Business?

Google My Business can help your business stand out by giving you a verified listing on Google Search, Maps, and other places you might not otherwise be found. This helps customers find your business on the web easily.

Google My Business lets you control what information people see about your business online, including your contact info, hours of operation, photos of the inside of your store or office space, and more.

What are local business citations?

Local business citations are the listings of your company’s information on other websites. These listings include your company’s name, address, contact number, website URL and more.

These are important for several reasons:

- They help potential customers find your company by using search engines like Google or Bing.

- They provide a way for people to get in touch with you without having to leave the site they found you on.

- They help customers know that your business is credible and trustworthy because it has been verified by an outside source.

What happens if we decide to cancel?

There is no commitment, our services stop.  If you received a free domain from us, there will be a small fee to claim the domain for your own web server if you decide to move your services.

What is inculded in the subscription price?

Google My Business optimization, Bing Places, Yahoo, and directories optimization that will be targeted toward customers in locations you serve.  Also, if you do not have a website, a webpage optimized for local SEO to help you rank in the local listings, and gain more traffic.  If you do have a website already, it includes optimizing your site for keywords that you need locally to rank and gain more traffic.

Why a monthly fee?

Local optimization is a constant updating, submitting to directories, citation building, link building and keeping information up to date.  It also includes reputation management, helping you to gain positive reviews through your customers.  All of this is necessary to not only gain more local customers, but also keep customers long term.

We have more questions, how do we contact you?

We are available via email at sales@wisewala.com, and via phone at (810) 772 4025

Do you only work with U.S. companies or organizations?

At this time our local services is only available in the United States.  However our web design/development is available nationwide.  Find out more at https://wisewala.com

Will this work for non profits?

Absolutely!  You may not have customers, but you may need followers and donors.  We can help!


Serving companies in the United States for over a decade.